Our Goals

We have a few goals. Most of them are somewhat nefarious in nature. The ones that aren't are listed below.

  • In case you haven't guessed, we host animations that tend to be dark. 
  • If you have an animation that you feel fits our sensibilities, contact us, and we'll link to it.  
  • If, like the rest of us in this capitalist society, spending money makes you feel better then we suggest that you buy some of our stuff so you can feel better about yourself. 
  • If you're down and thinking that life couldn't get any worse we hope our animations will show you that it can.

We look forward to sharing our cynicism with you via this site.

Newest dark animation

Getting Laid! - Eggs Gone Wild Episode 4: Alternate Ending!

Ever wonder how eggs get laid? Quickly! At least that's how Gus loses his virginity to Asia while they're dating.  

"You Look Pretty" was animated by the creator of the Eggs Gone Wild series, Grayden Laing and written by Sergio Alvarado.

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Quote of the month:

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the darkness gets in."
-Jack Somnus.